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Features & Benefits

Looking for the advantages of a stainless steel pipe system, without long and tedious installation time, hassles of hot work permits and dangers of welding with no added cost of consumables?

Europress is the new way to install 316L stainless steel pipes using press fittings or as they are sometimes called, crimp fittings. The Europress stainless steel pipe press fit system can offer you the corrosion resistant and hygienic wash down properties of traditional stainless steel pipe systems plus more.

Press fittings are much faster than traditional tig welding of stainless steel and needs no naked flames, hot work permits or gas bottles etc.

Europress’s stainless steel pressfittings have the added feature of Press Check Sleeves for extra integrity when installing stainless steel Pressfittings onto S.S. pipe systems.

The distinctive blue Press Check Sleeves on standard 316 Europress pressfittings (or yellow on gas fittings, or red on carbon steel fittings) indicates if each joint has been pressed, to give peace of mind that no joints have been left uncompleted.

The Europress range of pressfittings is the ideal solution for installing stainless steel pipework.

EUROPRESS is now available in 316L & 304 stainless steel Pipe with 316L fittings and also carbon Steel pipe and fittings.

  • FAST - Europress Modular stainless steel tube press fit system is up to 10 times faster than conventional tig welding of stainless steel pipe.

  • SIMPLE - Using Europress stainless steel Press fittings can be installed by competent tradesmen, plus there is no need of hot work permits.

  • CONSISTENT - Europress pressing tools ensures each press is the same every time - no uncertainty of weld integrity.

  • SAFE - Using Europress press fittings makes it a lot easier to comply with OH&S Requirements, with no heavy tools or gas bottles, no fire hazard and no mess.

  • COST EFFECTIVE - stainless steel Europress* pressfittings reduce installation time with no consumables or welding gas hire.

  • HYGIENIC - Europress stainless Steel tube has a polished stainless steel surface making it free from grease, oil and any corrosion aiding materials. Each stainless steel tube comes capped for integrity.

  • UNIQUE PRESS INDICATOR - Each Europress pressfitting has a highly visible successful crimp indicator on fittings up to and including 54mm - don't wait till it leaks to verify correct installation.

Features And Benefits Of The Europress Press Fit System

316SS Pipe & Fittings

316L polished S/S tubing for a superior finish. High alloy austenitic Cr-Ni-Mo Fittings made from the same high grade 316 S/S with a choice of O-Rings for chemical suitability.

304SS Pipe

304 polished S/S tubing for a very cost competitive solution but with all the advantages of a crimp fit stainless steel system.

Carbon Steel Pipe & Press Fittings

Carbon steel pipe and press fittings are both made from the same material, which conforms to EN 10305 with a choice of O-rings for chemical suitability. Ideal for oil and diesel applications.

Reduced Costs

Hiring our competent tradesmen to install a press fit system is a cost competitive solution that will also see your operation in action in no time.

Quality Assurance

25 year manufacturer backed product guarantee for all Europress approved applications. Pressfit tightness manufacturer’s tightness guarantee is in excess of 30 years.

Readily Available

The Europress System is designed for use with common “M” profile press jaws, the system is bulk stocked in a number of locations Australia wide and is available through many plumbing press fittings and mechanical services specialists.


Using press fittings is up to 10 times faster than conventional tig welding techniques for stainless steel. No need to completely drain pipe contents prior to alterations. Press fittings can be crimped wet or dry.


No naked flame, no hot work permits, no gas bottles. Using Europress press fit pipe and fittings means no fire hazard or heavy installation equipment, makes it easier to comply with OH&S requirements.

Europress Press Tools

Speak to our technical specialists for the best advice on tool selection to suit your needs.

• We have lightweight small tools that suit many applications.

• Tools that are ergonomically balanced for ease of use.

• All sizes right up to the big tools for the big jobs.

Optimum Illumination

The Europress Press Tools TB02, TB05, and TB08 each have a light that illuminates the pressing location making it easier to locate and correctly mount the pressing jaw on the fittings in difficult light conditions. This means guaranteed reliable pressing and higher efficiency at all times, even under difficult conditions.

Reliably Monitored Pressing: Hydraulic Pressure Check

Hydraulic Pressure Check (HPC for short) monitors the oil pressure in the tool’s oil circuit, hence ensuring a continuous, consistent press quality.

During each pressing cycle, the achieved pressing pressure is determined by a pressure sensor and compared to the required minimum value. An audible warning signal sounds if the achieved pressure differs from the specified working pressure. The user will know immediately that the fitting has not been pressed to the correct pressure and the fitting must be replaced and the tool must be serviced. If three consecutive pressings occur outside the required pressure range, the tools switch off automatically and must be sent in for service for your protection.

Stainless steel Europress pressfittings have the added feature of the distinctive press check sleeve for extra integrity when installing stainless steel pressfitting onto stainless steel pipe. Each Europress pressfitting joint has a highly visible successful crimp indicator up to and including 54mm. The colour coded press check sleeve indicates if each joint has been pressed to give peace of mind that no joint has been left unpressed. You don’t have to wait till it leaks to verify correct installation!

Call Today To Speak With Our Team!

For more information and queries on our wide range of press fitting products and services, feel free to contact Europress on:

AU 1300 387 677 or info@europressgroup.com.au

NZ 0800 387 677 or waterworks@flowco.co.nz