Increase the Safety of Your Pipe Systems with Press Fit
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Increase the Safety of Your Pipe Systems with Press Fit

April 11, 2018 0 Comment(s)

The installation and maintenance of piping systems are among the most dangerous and risky tasks of a workplace. Pipe systems, especially for oil and gas, can be extremely hazardous should they fail. A ruptured pipeline can cause fires, environmental pollution and even explosions.

Due to the risks involved, pipelines require special care to ensure the safety of both people and the environment. Our Press Fit System makes it easier to maintain safety throughout installation, alterations, use and maintenance.

Easy Installation Without Compromising Safety

Our Press Fit System provides a cost-effective solution to pipe safety concerns. Our press fittings allow you to quickly assemble and install pipes without the use of gas bottles and welding flames. This minimises the risk of fire and burns during the installation process. It also makes it easier to comply with the stringent Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations.

Instead of relying on tig welding, our press fittings use a two-part process to produce superior joints. Pressing creates two deformations:

  • Radial deformation
  • Geometric deformation

In radial deformation, the O-ring is compressed in the toroidal chamber of the pipe to create a hermetic seal — it is completely airtight and suitable for use with both gas and liquids.

In geometric deformation, both the pipe and the fitting are pressed to create a mechanical joint that is resistant to both slipping and rotations. This creates a solid joint that is durable but still flexible enough to withstand changes in temperature and pressure during operation.

Press Check Sleeves

For a pipe system to function properly, each joint has to be securely pressed to avoid leaks and spills once in operation. Our Press Check Sleeves on sizes up to 54mm offer a system that allows you to see exactly which pipe joints have been pressed and which ones were not.

The sleeves are colour coded according to their application, forming a neat band around the pipefitting. Once pressed, the coloured band falls off, so that you can easily identify which joints have already been pressed.

Our Press Fit system increases the safety of your pipe systems, providing a cost-effective and time saving solution to installation, operation and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more.

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