Methods of Detecting Leaks in Compressed Air Systems
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Methods of Detecting Leaks in Compressed Air Systems

April 11, 2018 0 Comment(s)

Our innovative press fitting system guarantees reliable service and a lengthy lifespan. However, it is unavoidable that in time, pipe systems develop leaks. For compressed air systems, even simple leaks can have consequences, especially on the bills. When in doubt, the smart move is to hire professionals to check your pipes and pumps. It’s also a good idea to schedule routine checks for early detection of any possible issues and to have peace of mind.

What methods are used to detect problematic pipes? Here we present to you the most common ways that professionals can locate leaks in your piping systems.

The Paintbrush Method

This one is pretty simple and straightforward. A paintbrush is used to apply soapy water on a questionable segment of your piping system. If bubbles emerge, there’s a leak present. Although this test does not require a professional, it comes with limitations.

If you suspect a leak, this system might not categorically verify system integrity. It’s also limited to smaller compressed air systems and not complex designs.

Ultrasonic Sound Detection Systems

Air leaks are invisible especially when they are minor. Most of the time, the hissing sound they give off is inaudible to the human ear. Here’s where the use of ultrasonic detectors come in.

This professional tool has directional microphones that listen to the sound of air leaking. The method also guides the user to the exact location of the leak.

This system is appropriate for compressed air systems that are more complicated in design.

The Role of Press fittings

When a leak is detected, repair is in order. Europress Group’s gas pipe fittings are the ideal system to use when replacing leaky parts. It is up to ten times faster to install than traditional methods. Also, without the use of open flames or welding systems, it’s also safer with no open flames or welding permits required.

The loss of resources and pressure due to of leaks shouldn’t be underestimated. They are a considerable waste to any operation. Checking systems ensures that your piping works as efficiently as it should and can avert future difficulties.

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