Pressfittings for the Medical Industry
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Pressfittings for the Medical Industry

April 11, 2018 0 Comment(s)

In the medical field, the role of vacuum and compressed-air are hard to ignore. They play a crucial role in many treatment methods. When a dentist extracts a tooth, he or she uses a vacuum to get rid of excess saliva and debris in the mouth. The best operating rooms in the world employ vacuum systems to remove potentially unhygienic air, particles and fluids. Vacuum is also essential to irrigate bodily fluids during surgery. Hospitals usually have complex networks of compressed air and oxygen-rich gas.

However, what is unique about piping systems in the medical field? Unlike other applications, hospital and medical piping systems must be very clean. When not handled correctly, debris, bacteria and other pathogens can pose serious harm to patients.

Why Press Fittings?

Press fittings, are a unique way of installing pipework systems. They present a near-perfect solution for hospitals. Here at Europress, our press fittings attach easily without the need for naked flames or other time consuming and cumbersome techniques. In medical applications, our stainless steel products are frequently preferred over carbon steel pipe fittings .

Only simple tools are needed to fix Europress fittings. This is crucial in hospital settings. Fast installation times decrease the downtime of medical equipment and wards or operating theatres. For sensitive areas, such as Intensive Care Units or operating theatres, the use of press fittings instead of traditional fittings also lessens the risk of contamination in the area.

There are no heavy gas bottles, tangled hoses or hot-work permits needed.

Easy-to-Maintain Stainless Steel Surfaces

Europress fittings for gas application are made with high-grade stainless steel. With Europress, there is no need to use chemicals during installation. In addition, stainless steel is highly resistant to reacting with substances. The surface is also easy to sanitise.


Europress products are innovative not only for their ease of application but also for their reliability. Extensive engineering and testing has produced crimping for a stronger hermetic lock for a solution that is guaranteed to last. Currently, Europress fittings follow the German Standard DVGW VP614 and have Australian Watermark approval.

We strongly believe that Europress fittings are impressive products bound to impact many industries worldwide. Here, we have discussed how pressfittings can make the medical industry, known for its uncompromising standards, even better. For more information about our fittings, feel free to look around our website.

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