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Europress™BSP Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Europress offers a wide range of BSP stainless steel pipe fittings. Our British Standard Pipe fittings are suitable for all standard BSP screw thread types and connectors. BSP fittings have been adopted internationally for plumbing fittings and other applications.

BSP fittings are available in varying dimensions and provide a cost-effective solution for joining existing pipe works and equipment. We supply barrel unions, hex nipples, round sockets, elbows and much more.

Characteristics Of Our Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings That Make Them An Ideal Choice For Your Projects

  1. Corrosion-resistant: Our BSP stainless steel pipe fittings are corrosion resistant316. This means you can choose to install them in most corrosive environments provided they comply with relevant chemical compatibility charts.
  2. Elegant look: The BSP threaded fittings that we offer are ideal for commercial use as they have a natural shine that makes them look elegant. When you install our BSP fittings in your space, you are sure to add to itsaesthetic appeal.
  3. Cost-Efficient: BSP fittings are known to last for many years. This means once you have invested in them, you wouldn’t have to think about changing them after few years. Also, since there are corrosion-resistant, there’s no maintenance cost involved post-installation.
  4. Strength: If you compare our stainless steel BSP fittings to the fittings made with mild steel or brass, you will know the quality of our products

Quality Assurance

Europress supplies quality pipe fittings made with durable, long-lasting materials. All of our 316 stainless steel fittings offer greater resistance to corrosion than other grades of steel.

BSP pipe fittings are primarily used in plumbing applications and are the standard pipe system used in Australia, Asia and some European countries. BSP features tapered thread fitting.

Our BSP pipe fittings are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a reliable seal at all times. Since they are sized to match international standards, they will be compatible with most existing pipe systems.

BSP connections can withstand high amounts of pressure across varying plumbing applications. This makes them a reliable choice for industry, homes, commercial buildings and other structures that require extensive plumbing systems.

We supply pipe fittings in high grade 316 stainless steel to clients across various industries, including abattoirs, automotive, defense, food and beverage, water treatment, heating and cooling, hospitals, oil and gas processing, pharmaceuticals, etc. Providing unrivaled durability, our products are idle for the most demanding applications. Skilled engineers and production workers make each item that we supply.

All our press fittings are made of high-grade 316 stainless steel, which makes them highly resistant to heat, pressure and corrosion for a long time. Furthermore, manufacture all the products are manufactured to match the demanding needs of varying projects and offer complete satisfaction to the buyer. At no point, we compromise on the quality of our products, which is one reason we have become a renowned name in the industry.

Our hard work and dedication have helped us earn the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy BSP pipe fittings supplier in Australia. As a result, many of our clients have made repeat purchases from us because they have liked our product quality and prices. Moreover, they have referred us to their acquaintances, and we consider this a significant achievement as a business.

Easy Installation

Our BSP fittings are easy to install. They are compatible with other BSP pipes, which is one of the most widely used pipe thread styles used internationally. Each joint and thread is reliable and durable, minimising the risk of leaks for secure and safe piping systems.

At Europress, our team of experts are ready to answer all your queries regarding BSP fittings. So whether you want to know a specific feature of a BSP fitting we supply or something as generic as how to measure BSP pipe fittings for buying the right product, you can turn to us. We promise to answer all your queries in detail and help you pick the right products for your projects.

For any queries relating to BSP fittings, please contact one of our qualified experts today. Also, you can connect with us to share feedback on a product you purchased from us. As a renowned BSP pipe fittings supplier manufacturer, we aim to provide the best quality products to our clients, and we would love to hear from you on how well we are doing the job.

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