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Unique Press Check Sleves

EUROPRESS stainless steel press fittings and Carbon steel press fittings have the NO LEAK SOLUTION PEACE OF MIND.

EuroPress has the unique, all new innovative, “No Leak Solution”, which consists of a ‘PressCheck’ sleeve – a thin blue coloured plastic film applied to the outer seat of the o-ring on all sizes up to 54mm. This plastic film tears when the fitting is pressed, and falls off, therefore any unpressed fittings are easily and quickly identified.

press checks

Blue Press Checks on SS fittings.
Red Press Checks on carbon steel
Yellow Press Checks for natural gas.


Some systems rely on leak-paths to allow uncrimped fittings to deliberately leak. With Press Check the crimp indicator gives you peace of mind and no wasted fluids or mess to clean up.

sleeve peels off

‘Press Check’ sleeve peels off when crimping operation is complete. Available on all fittings up to and including 54mm.