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The Press Fitting Concept

The heart of the EUROPRESS pressfitting system is the torodial seat for the O-ring and the tight tolerances in the fitting design and manufacture.

Press fitting works by applying hydraulic powered jaws over the crimp-end. This joins the pipe with the fittings, using a two-step process.

Press fitting produces two deformations — the first one is radial compression. Radial compression refers to the compression of the O-ring into the toroidal chamber of the fitting. This creates a hermetic seal around it.

The second step is geometric compression. This process results in the compression of both the fitting and the pipe, which creates a mechanical joint. The result is a strong joint that is resistant to rotation and longitudinal movement.

Quality Guarantee

The use of our original Europress fittings, coupled with the correct pipes and the approved pressing tools, results in an exceptionally durable and reliable pipe system.

Our press check sleeve makes our press fit systems easy to install. You can easily identify any joints that have not been pressed, minimising the risk of leaks after installation.

We can guarantee the longevity of the system for 20 years if installed in accordance with our guidelines.

Our Europress press fit system is the ideal solution for installing all types of stainless steel and carbon steel pipe works.

press fitting concept