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Europress: Stainless Steel Supersized Products

Europress are premium stainless steel pipe fittings suppliers based in Melbourne that supply parts across Australia. Our stainless steel supersized products extend the range of our standard products. We provide a fast, secure, and easy assembly for the wide range of our industrial pipework systems, which is an affordable and effortless alternative to the traditional welding process. The factory are reputed press fitting manufacturers in Europe as well. We design and engineer systems using our stainless steel pipe fittings, which provide an easy, efficient, and effortless alternative to the conventional piping system.

Our products are in perfect compliance with Australian standards and produce a long-lasting, secure seal to ensure a quality product with no leakage issue.

It offers an ideal solution for a pipework and tubing system even in compact spaces. There is no need for hot work permits, hoses, and gas bottles during installation, which eliminates the risk of fire.

Range Of Supersized Products

Europress offers a wide range of supersized stainless pipes and fittings to suit the requirements of larger pipework systems. All of our stainless steel pipes are 6 metres in length and are in compliance with the Standard EN 10305.

Our extensive ranges of Europress stainless steel supersized products include:

  • Pipe – 6 metre Lengths
  • Elbow 90°
  • Adaptor Flange
  • Coupling
  • Reducing Tee
  • Equal Tee
  • Reducing Coupler
  • Elbow 45°

Europress provides you with an extensive range of elbows,reducing couplers, and tees, which are designed by our reputed manufacturer to fit your pipework system. Our supersized products are also made up of the same, high-quality stainless steel like the pipes, which ensure you a consistent result and reliability.

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For more information and queries on our stainless steel supersized products, feel free to contact Europress on:

AU 1300 387 677 or

NZ 0800 387 677 or