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High-Quality Stainless-Steel Gas Fittings

Are you searching for high-quality stainless-steel fittings for gas distribution applications? Europress is a leading supplier of stainless-steel gas fittings for complete gas distribution solutions.

Our gas fitting products comply with AS NZS 5601.1.2013, have WaterMark approval and certified accreditation for compliance to the German Standard DVGW VP614 for gas applications. We pride ourselves in having the highest standard in stability and safety.

Europress stainless steel gas fittings have the durability and strength for a range of uses, including external above ground pipes, located inside or outside of buildings.

Why Choose Europress For Stainless Steel Gas Fittings?

We have a range of clients throughout Australia and New Zealand because of our reliability, high-quality products, service excellence, and highly economical business strategies. We are industry experts in offering a long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the gas piping system.

Fast and Easy Installation

The Europress system offers fast and easy assembly for quick and quality results. A competent and qualified gas fitter can install your systems without the need for welding, gas bottles and hoses or hot work permits, saving you as much as 30%.

We ensure our services are carried out to the highest standards of health and safety. Our innovative press check sleeves make it easy to identify if any joints have not been pressed. There is no need for hot work permits or gas bottles during installation, which helps to minimise the risk of fire.

Quality Control You Can Trust

Europress uses 316 stainless steel for manufacturing a wide range of gas press fittings, offering superior resistance to aging and corrosion. We use O-ring gaskets made with HNBR to ensure strength and durability, despite withstanding a wide range of temperatures from -20°C to +70°C.

During manufacture, each of our gas fittings, complete with O-rings, undergoes rigorous testing including a helium test. All our gas systems must undergo seal testing after installation, in accordance with the Australian Standard for the relevant type of gas.

Our stainless gas fittings consist of a yellow label with “PN5” or equivalent yellow mark to indicate their applications.

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Stainless-Steel Gas Fitting Requirements

For more information and queries on our stainless-steel gas fittings and pipes, feel free to contact us or speak to our expert staff:AU 1300 387 677 or

NZ 0800 387677 or

Europress Stainless Steel Gas Fittings

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90 female elbow flush wall mount
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