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Innovative Press Check Sleeves

Europress have been a market leader in providing highly innovative press check sleeves on the wide range of steel, carbon steel press and gas press fit fittings for various industrial and commercial applications in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

We offer innovative press check sleeves with our products to ensure confidence that each joint has been pressed eliminating the danger of leakage. The press check sleeves are on our fittings up to and including 54mm which consists of thin coloured film on the external part of the O-ring seat, which indicates the completion of press cycle.

We apply a unique business strategy, where we utilise the latest upcoming technology, solid experience, and expertise to deliver a high-quality service to meets our clients’ expectations.

We never compromise with quality. The premium testing authorities of Europe and Australia have accredited the manufacture of Europress fittings with the industry certification for our continuous endeavour in the rigorous quality control mechanism.

What Our No Leak Solution Can Do For You

Europress press fitting technology comprises of a unique “no leak solution”, which consists of press check sleeves. You do not have to wait for the system to be filled completely with fluid to detect if any joint is leaking or not. The fluid leaks out of the joints if any of them are not pressed properly.

We provide Europress fittings up to and including 54mm external thin coloured film on the O-ring seat. We use a high-quality pipe press tool for pressing the joint of a particular application. When it is pressed, it shreds and detaches the coloured film from the fittings providing easy removal and visual witness of the completed press cycle.

Europress press fittings are renowned for providing different colours to press check sleeves to offer a complete no leakage solution. We provide:

  • A blue press check sleeve is for stainless steel.
  • A yellow press check sleeve is for gas fittings.
  • A red press check sleeve is for carbon steel fittings.

Call Today For Highly Secure No Leak Press Fitting Technology

For more information and queries on our wide range of products and services, feel free to contact Europress on:

AU 1300 387 677 or

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