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Install supersize Range

Europress is a leading supplier of a supersize range of press fit systems in Australia and New Zealand. We are known for providing our clients with secure, economical, and efficient fittings technology.
We are industry experts in providing a supersize range of press fittings, where a competent tradesman is enough to do the installation. This eliminates the cost of expensive specialised labour or also the requirement of labour-intensive welding procedures. Moreover, our installation process does not require any hot work permit, welding gases, gas bottles, and hoses. This makes our installation process safe from the risk of fire hazards.

How The Installation Of A Supersize Range System Works For You?

Europress’s systems has set a benchmark in providing an effective solution.
Following are the essential steps to install the supersize range of press fittings:

  • supersize Range
    1. CUTTING

    A burr-free approved cutter is used to cut the required pipe. You need to take care to not use oxy-acetylene or abrasive cut off wheels. Take note of the insertion depth into the fitting, and the pipe must be cut as per the insertion depth at the right angles to their axis. You must use a fine-tooth saw or a pipe cutter to finely cut the pipe.

  • supersize Range
    2. Deburring

    Deburring of the cuts should be done both inside and outside with the help of a manual or an electric deburring tool. The cutting residual product or swarf must be removed to protect the damage to the O-ring while the pipe is being inserted into the fitting to avoid the leakage probability.

  • supersize Range
    3. Witness Mark Insertion Depth

    You must mark the pipe with a fine-point felt-tip pen to ensure the correct point of the inserted joint. Pipe sizes of 42 and 54 use the Europress depth gauge to measure the insertion depth, whereas the large pipe sizes use the following measurement rule of:
    • 76.1 mark at 55mm
    • 88.9 mark at 63mm
    • 108 mark at 78mm
    • 139.7 mark at 97mm
    • 168.3 mark at 117mm

  • supersize Range
    i Check Pipe Is Fully Inserted To Witness Mark
    4. Assemble fitting on tube

    The position of the O-ring needs to be checked before the installation of the stainless-steel fittings. You are required to lubricate the O-ring with water or talc for the smooth insertion of the pipe in the fitting. Take care not to use greases, glues, oils, or any such type of substances for lubrication. You must apply a slight rotating movement while inserting the pipe in the particular fitting until it hits the stop. Finally, you are required to check if the pipe is fully inserted to witness the mark.

  • supersize Range
    5. Attach Press Collar

    You are required to attach a pressing collar of the M-shaped profile, with a diameter equivalent to the fitting to be pressed. You need to retract the lock pin followed by the opening of the jaws and then positioning of the jaws around the fitting.

  • supersize Range
    6. Lock Collar

    The internal channel of the M-shaped jaw must form a perfect fit around the O-ring site of the press fitting. You need to ensure that the lock pin of the pressing tool must be fully engaged.

  • supersize Range
    7. Attach Adaptor

    To attach an adaptor, you must squeeze the back of the adaptor arms together and hook onto the pressing collar.

  • supersize Range
    8. Connect Press Tool

    You first need to retract the lock pin and then engage the adaptor to ensure that the lock pin is fully engaged.

  • supersize Range
    9. Press Joint

    For a perfect press joint, you need to initiate the press cycle by squeezing the trigger. Hold the trigger until the press cycle is completed. Do not allow any interruptions to affect the press cycle. If the warning beep sounds or the LED light comes on, it is indicating that the joint has not been approved. If you face any type of interruption like the hydraulic ram stopping mid-cycle, then you need to depress the reset button to manually override the automatic reset function. If the pressing tool is malfunctioning then you need to check with our technical department. Make sure that each joint is marked with a clear witness mark for the insertion and alignment. After that, use it for initialising the press cycle to avoid the installation risk.

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