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Install Standard Range

Europress is a trusted name among its clients in Australia for providing a simple, easy, safe, economical, and efficient pipe fitting system. Our commitment is to provide a time-tested and proven installation process that not only saves you money, but also time,makes us stand out in our industry.
We are renowned for offering a standard range of stainless steel pipework systems, where a competent tradesman can install the product, eliminating the cost of a highly skilled welder and also without the requirement of labour-intensive welding procedures. Our unique installation process requires:
• No Hot Work Permits
• No Welding Gases
• No Gas Bottles and Hoses

How Installation Of Our Standard Range Of Pipework System Works For You?

Europress applies a unique installation strategy to provide you with our standard range of pipe fitting systems for various types of industrial and commercial applications. We install a large number of press fittings successfully by applying the following installation strategy.

Installation instructions

  • Standard Range
    1. CUTTING

    This is the first step of the installation of the standard range of the stainless steel pipe fitting system. A burr-free approved cutter is required to cut the pipe. You should not use oxy-acetylene or abrasive cut off wheels. You are required to note the depth of insertion into a fitting and the pipe must be cut as per the insertion depth, at right angles to their axis. You must use a fine-tooth saw or a pipe cutter to finely cut the pipe.

  • Standard Range
    2. Deburring

    You are required to use a manual or an electric deburring tool to deburr all the pipe cuts both inside and outside. Remove any cutting residue or swarf to prevent any kind of damage to the O-ring while inserting the pipe into the fitting, avoiding any potential leakage problems.

  • Standard Range
    3. Witness Mark Insertion DEpth

    You are required to have a fine-point felt-tip pen to mark that particular point of the pipe, where it meets the fittings while using the Europress depth gauge. This not only helps in the verification of the full insertion but also ensures correct joint insertion.

  • Standard Range
    i Check Pipe Is Fully Inserted To Witness Mark
    4. Assemble fitting on tube

    Check the position of the O-ring before assembling a particular fitting. Make sure to lubricate the O-ring with talc or water, if required, to make the pipe insertion easy. Don’t use oils, glues, greases, or any other substances for the lubrication purpose. You are required to apply a slight rotating motion to insert the pipe in the fitting. This motion should be applied until the pipe hits the stop. Finally, check if the pipe is fully inserted to witness the mark.

  • Standard Range
    5. Press tool & jaw

    The press tools that is used must consist of M-shaped pressing jaw with a diameter equivalent to the fitting to be pressed. You need to retract the lock pin followed by the positioning of the jaws into the tool head to ensure that the lock pin is fully engaged.

  • Standard Range
    6. POsition Press Jaw

    You need to open the jaw first by squeezing the two ends together. Then you must position the jaws over the fitting in order to allow the internal channel of the jaws to make a perfect fit around the toroidal seat of fitting. Finally, you are required to release the jaws to check the alignment.

  • Standard Range
    7. Press joint

    For a perfect press joint, you need to initiate the press cycle by squeezing the trigger. Hold it until the press cycle is completed. Take care not to allow any interruptions to affect the press cycle. If the warning beep sounds or the LED light comes on, it indicates that the joint has not been approved. If the hydraulic ram stops mid-cycle, then you can depress the reset button to manually override the automatic reset function.
    Check the LED light after each press. You must recharge the battery or change it before attempting the next press fittings if it comes on. For more information, take the help of the troubleshooting guide.

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