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Unique Press Fitting Concept

Europress is a premium supplier of high-quality stainless steel and carbon steel press fit fittings to a wide range of industries in the Australian and international markets. The heart of the Europress press fitting system consists of a toroidal seat for the O-ring and tight-tolerances in the fitting design technique and manufacture.

The Europress press fittings work by using a special pipe press tool, which applies hydraulic powered jaws over the crimp-end. This helps in joining the pipe in its particular fittings in a two-step process. The Europress press fit fittings procedure produces two deformations called Radial Compression and Geometric Compression.

  • Radial Compression creates a hermetic seal around the toroidal chamber of the fitting, where the O-ring is compressed.
  • Geometric Compression refers to the compression of both the pipe and the fitting, which is responsible for creating a mechanical joint. This creates a strong joint, which is resistant to longitudinal and rotation movement.

What Makes Europress Systems Unique

The Europress press fitting system has brought a boom in the press fit technology. We pride ourselves with how our high-quality press fit installation service has proved to be a very economical solution for our prestigious clients as they are so fast with reliable, safe, and long-lasting seals. We use high corrosion resistance 316L stainless steel for pipe fitting solutions. Following are the list of some of the Europress press fitting concepts that make us unique in this highly-competitive industry:

Chemical Suitability

The Europress press fitting system consists of 316L polished S/S tubing, which provides it with a superior finish. Our high-quality Cr-Ni-Mo Fittings are unique in its features because this high alloy austenitic is made from the premium quality 316 S/S with specific O-rings selected for the particular applications to provide high chemical suitability.

Fast & Economical Press Fit Solution

The Europress press fit system is renowned for providing amazing installation speed to a wide range of pipework systems. It’s up to ten times faster than that of the conventional method of tig welding a steel piping system. Competent tradespeople can efficiently install the press fit system, eliminating the need to only use a qualified welder. Some of its distinctive features are:

  • It provides a cheaper and faster mode of installation.
  • It requires comparatively less time on the job than the conventional method of welding so added savings on scissor lift and equipment hire.
  • It is highly cost-effective. It saves up to 30% of the total cost of a particular project.
  • No gas bottles and hoses.
  • No hot work permits.
  • No additional fire spotter labour.
  • No need to provide wind shielding for using expensive gas.

“M” Profile Press Jaws

One of the most distinctive features of the Europress system that makes it a very popular product for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications is its “M” profile Press Jaws. This system is designed and stocked in bulk in a number of locations all over Australia. You can purchase it through many plumbing fittings and industrial outlets also.

Press Tools Sized For Application

Europress press tools come in a range of sizes and capabilities selected to give you the best versatility. Choose from the lightweight one-handed TB02 or TB03 for the small size pipes – 15, 22 or 28, these reduce strain and operator fatigue increasing productivity for these sizes.

The TB05 or the TB06 are ideal to give the option of sizes up to 54, while the TB08 or TB09 can cover the whole range up to 108.

For the larger sizes – 76.1, 89, 108 and super sizes 139.7 and 168.3 then the TB10 is recommended.

Press Heads, Jaws & Chains Sized For Application

It is very important only to use well maintained and approved press heads, jaws, and chains to guarantee the integrity of the completed press joint. These press heads, jaws and chains are highly engineered and designed to produce a safe joint of the highest integrity.

Call Today For Comprehensive Press Fitting Solutions

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