Carbon Steel Fittings

Carbon Steel Fittings

Europress Carbon Steel Pipe, Tube and Press Fittings

Europress offers a wide range of carbon steel press fittings suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The Europress Carbon Steel Press Fitting system is ideal for use in commercial and industrial pipework that does not require stainless steel. This includes:

  • Oil and diesel lines.
  • Compressed air and inert gas systems.
  • Closed-circuit heating and cooling water systems.
  • Closed-circuit sprinkler systems.

High Quality Carbon Steel

Solid and reliable, carbon steel is widely used in civil and industrial installations. Our carbon steel fittings are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that you only get the most reliable press fittings for excellent results.

Within our extensive catalogue, to complement the carbon steel pipes E 195 or E235 n.1.0034 which conforms to Standard EN 10305, you’ll find carbon steel fittings such as unions, tee-junctions, 45° and 90° pipe elbows as well as a range of adaptors and nuts – everything you need for a functional industrial pipework system.

All our pipes and press fittings are stamped and visibly marked in accordance with the relevant standard. These marks indicate their application and usage. Our carbon steel fittings are especially suitable for different types of treated water and can withstand a broad range of temperatures.

Why Choose Europress for Carbon Steel Pipe, Press and Tube Fittings?

We are a team committed to providing expert advice as well as premium products.

  • High Quality
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Safe and Stable
  • Durable
  • Able to be installed in compact spaces
  • Faster installation compared to welding methods

Our Carbon Steel products come with VdS-certification for VdS CEA 4001 fire extinguisher and sprinkler systems. Our fitting systems are resistant to heat, chemical additives, and aging as they come with O-ring gaskets made of black EPDM.

This O-ring gaskets give it exceptional durability and stability with all types of treated water. We offer specific types of O-rings for each type of application.

Our carbon steel pipe fittings work exceptionally well in the extreme temperature range of -20°C to 85°C.For some approved applications,our fitting systems continue to perform when exposed to temperatures as high as 120°C.

The installation of Europress carbon steel press fittings require no hot work permits, gas bottles, and naked flames for the installation process. It eliminates the risk of fire hazards. It also provides an excellent solution for installation in the compact spaces, where the traditional method of welding may prove dangerous.

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