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High Quality Stainless Steel Gas Fittings Product

Are you searching forhigh-quality stainless fittings for gas distribution applications? Europress is a leading supplier of an extensive range of stainless steel gas fittingsfor complete gas distribution solutions.

The manufacturer of Europress was established in 1968, and since then, it has been dedicatedly to manufacturing superior quality stainless steel gas fittings to cater to the needs of various industries. We supply gas fittings in varying sizes, materials and configurations to meet the demands of all types of projects. You may explore our collection to choose from various couplers, elbows, adaptors, tees, caps, etc. All our fittings are made to offer leak-free connections.

Our gas fitting products comply with AS NZS 5601.1.2013, which have got the watermark approval and certified accreditation for its compliance to the International German Standard DVGW VP614 for gas applications. It is renowned for ensuring the highest standard of stability and safety.

Europress stainless steel gas fittings have got the approval for the comprehensive range of usage such as external usage above the ground pipes located inside as well as on the outside of any particular building.

Speciality of Our Gas Fitting Solutions

Europress have many clients throughout Australia because of our reliability, high standard products, quality service, and highly economical business strategies. We are industry experts in offering a long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the gas piping system.

Some of the specialities of our gas pipe fittings products are mentioned below:

Fast And Secure Installation

Our quality gas fitting solutions are available in a number of places all over Australia. Fast, easy, and economical assembly of the gas fitting system without the requirement of gas bottles, welding, hoses, and hot work permits makes our service unique to our clients. It also helps in saving up to 30% of the total cost of your project. This also minimises the risk of fire.

We offer an innovative press check sleeves mechanism to identify if any joint has been pressed or not. Our quality services ensure the highest standards of health and safety.

Quality Control Mechanism

Europress uses 316 stainless steel for manufacturing a wide range of gas press fittings. They are known for offering superior resistance to ageing and corrosion. We use the O-ring gaskets made with yellow HNBR because it provides strength, durability, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Our fitting production conforms to the International German Standard DVGW VP614 for all types of gas applications. During manufacture, each of our gas fittings, complete with O-rings, undergoes a special helium test to confirm its compliance with the Standard.

Our stainless gas fittings consist of a yellow label with “PN5” or equivalent yellow mark to indicate their applications.

We recommend a seal testing for all of gas fitting solutions after the installation procedure. These tests are performed in accordance with the Australian standard for the specific type of gas.


All our industrial gas pipe fittings are made using quality stainless steel, and this is a significant reason why our products are sturdy and durable. The gas must flow easily in a piping system to ensure proper functioning, and when pipe fittings are made of a material like stainless steel, the chances of malfunction are rare.

The premium-grade stainless steel that we use in the making offer reliability and convenience. Even when you pay minimum attention to the maintenance of our gas pipe fittings , they will function way above your expectations.


Stainless steel gas pipe fittings are naturally shiny that makes them look elegant. Also, there’s no need for coating or lining these fittings to safeguard them from corrosion in above ground applications. This makes our products environmentally responsible. Moreover, 316 stainless steel is a recyclable material, so in future, when you decide to replace your gas fittings, you may put them into recycling.

Our Wide Product Range

Explore our gas pipe fittings Melbourne range to find a suitable product for your project. From different types of gas couplers to angled elbows to varying tees, we stock and supply a range of products to match all industry needs. Moreover, our products are available in different sizes, so you can measure your system, choosing the type of fitting required, and order as per your sizing needs.

At Europress, we aim at becoming the leading stainless steel gas pipe supplier in Australia. Our team of experts is motivated to work on offering quality products at the best prices to our valuable customers. In addition, we believe in providing the best gas fitting solutions that can last for decades.

What Makes Us Different?

The Europress factory manufactures millions of premium-grade gas fittings every year. Every product that we and supply meets the desired quality standards. In addition, The factory adopt rigorous quality control procedures to ensure all our offerings conform to stringent Australian and European standards.

We are a team of experienced experts who know how gas fittings will be used in various industries like automotive, food and beverages, hospitals, manufacturing, abattoirs, wineries, defence, water treatment, etc. This is why we aim to create products that can cater to the needs of all sectors. However, if you want a particular product to be customised, you can approach us for the same. Our team will understand your requirements and create fittings that match your specific industry needs.

Usage Conditions

  • Our gas application system can work in the maximum operating pressure of 5 bar.
  • The operation temperature of gas application ranges from -20°C +70°C.

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For more information and queries on our stainless steel gas fittings solution, feel free to contact Europress on:

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