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Europress: Pipe Press Tools for Press Fit Fittings

As well as press-fittings, Europress also offers a range of high-quality pipe press tools for the fast assembly of industrial piping systems. Using a jointing method instead of welding, the press fit system allows for quick and easy assembly of components.

Our press tools are a cost-effective alternative to hot tools and require no hot work permits or naked flames. As with all Europress products, our tools are reliable, with built-in safety features that ensure a clean, consistent press for excellent results.

The use of our press tools can greatly reduce the amount of time needed for installation — up to 10 times faster than conventional Tig welding techniques. You can use our press tools and fittings both wet and dry — there is no need to drain your pipe contents completely, making it faster and easier to complete repairs for existing pipework systems.

All of our Novopress tools are manufactured to conform to the highest industry standards.

Press Tools and the Pressing Process

The pressing process requires pipe press tools. The type of jaw attachments varies according to the type of fitting and the diameter of the pipe. We offer a wide range of pressing tools, including:

Electromechanical — This type of press tool is battery or main powered (18V or 240V). It is suitable for the full range of pipe diameters.

Electrohydraulic — This type is suitable mainly for larger diameter pipes, ranging from 76.1 mm to 108 mm.

The Europress system is compatible with a wide variety of press tools, provided that they are equipped with an approved M-profile jaw. The engineered profile of the jaws transfers the thrust from the tools into radial compressive force.

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Why Choose Europress for Press Fit Tools and Press Fitting?

Europress tools have been designed to facilitate fast and easy assembly of industrial pipework systems with press fitting . This method produces a reliable, secure and long-lasting seal, ensuring a high-quality system that you can depend on.

Unlike welding, which can present a risk of fire, press fitting provides a safe alternative while also reducing installation time. Europress tools are also ideal for creating pipe systems in compact spaces, where the traditional welding method may be too dangerous.

For any further information give our experts a call. We can verify if your press fitting tools will suit the Europress Press Fit system or give you advice on what tools you will need for your project.

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