Press Fitting – Unparalleled Speed and Ease
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Press Fitting – Unparalleled Speed and Ease

April 11, 2018 0 Comment(s)

When installing pipe systems for industrial or even residential use, time is a crucial element. Usually, durations of pipe fitting projects can be long. Every joint requires a lot of work to secure. Through the use of Europress and press fittings, the entire process becomes a whole lot simpler.

Here, we share with you reasons why using our press fittings can improve your process.

1. Faster Installation

Eliminating the use of welding and an open flame can cut down installation times considerably. By using press fitting systems, execution can be 10x faster than traditional methods. This unmatched speed is important to time-sensitive installations. Repairs and industrial upgrades can also take less time. Savings on time equals savings on the budget.

2. Hassle-Free

Before press fittings, the traditional method of securing piping required the use of open flames and welding. Due to the risk of fire or explosions, especially in occupied buildings, this method requires hot work permits. This type of work is monitored and regulated by the Australian government.

Press fittings don’t require this permit and are installed by easy-to-operate press tools. Without gas, open flames or welding, starting a project can commence at the customer’s convenience.

3. Consistent Results

Europress press fittings have built-in indicators. These highly visible features will let installers know when the crimping is successful. With this install, it’s easy to monitor the quality of your crimping.

4. Hygienic

Europress press fittings require little to no consumables. The design also eliminates the need to use grease or oil. Sensitive applications can rely on press fittings to maintain the purity of the pipes.

Europress is the pioneer of the Press Fitting system. This method has been developed to answer many of pipe installation’s biggest troubles. By using it, pipe installers and builders can expect a quick installation that is also safe, reliable and cost-efficient. For more information about our products, call us now!

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